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Swan Lake
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Swan Lake

“You, April, are two-natured. Half of you is pure. Chaste. Modest and fearful. Timid, sweet, and virginal. This is the part of yourself you choose to show the world,” William said.


I jumped when I suddenly felt his fingertips on my face, slowly trailing across my jaw.


“But there’s another half of you...the half you keep bound, and hidden. I saw it at Alyeska, and again at Demimonde. And,’s passionate. It’s fierce. It’s powerful. It’s greedy. It’s...raw sex,” he said, and he placed the strawberry in my mouth.


I couldn’t contain my moan at the first taste of the creamy confection, melting on my tongue in a sumptuous wave. I could feel every taste receptor activating in fervor, far more intense than what I remembered of a sugar high. My entire body felt overstimulated by the highly concentrated sweet.


I licked my lips and swallowed the sinful fruit. “Open your eyes,” William commanded.


I obeyed, and it seemed as if the world around us had disappeared. William, in front of me, was my beginning and end. His pupils were enlarged, and his mouth was slightly parted.


He licked his lips.


“I can smell submission on your skin, April. Tonight, I want to taste it.” 


Doubts and fears of her own making have kept April a prisoner of her mind for far too long. Her promising ballet career was halted after a violent attack, forcing her into a rehabilitation facility to cope with her crushing emotional pain. Now, eager for a fresh start, she battles to hide her daily struggles under an ill-fitting mask of control. 


Until she meets William. 





With his seductive guidance, April explores sensual freedoms that unlock a powerful side of her she never knew existed. But the handsome billionaire has a dark side of his own, and may not be the modern-day prince the world believes him to be. Plagued by labels of both good and evil, will he be her salvation?


Or her ultimate undoing?

SWAN PEAK by LB Alexander_Cover.jpg

Swan Peak
a swan series encore

"Don't speak too soon, little swan. I have diabolical plans for you this week," he warned. 

His voice had dropped to an infernal level, and an insistent, reactionary flutter began to pulse directly between my thighs. 

" diabolical?" I asked. 

He looked at me briefly with devious, heated eyes. He was unmistakably seductive. 

And unmistakably threatening.

"Absolutely depraved."

The Wolfe is hungry for more…

Seduced by the exquisite pleasures of the submissive lifestyle introduced to her by William Wolfe, April Ekdahl eagerly joins him on a luxurious holiday at his alpine mansion to test her boundaries with their intimate play. 

But as she opens her mind to unfathomable new delights, April finds her heart aching as deep fractures in her prince’s façade are revealed. Despite the demons that still haunt her, William accepts her. But will he allow her to embrace his darkness in return?

Swan Peak
Tropical Leaves
Swan Fete Cover.jpeg

Swan Fête
a swan series entr'acte

“I want to bow to you now. Please,” I moaned, my consciousness tumbling uninhibited into the exquisite, liberating freefall of a safe, secret place where time was suspended, and the only laws and boundaries that governed us were the ones we created.


I didn’t have to think. And I didn’t have to worry.


My body transformed into a vessel for his pleasure—my mind eager to satisfy his every whim.


This was submissive-space.


Several months after the events of Swan Peak, April joins William on his private island to celebrate her twenty-fifth birthday. But unbeknownst to her, the handsome, older, dangerous Dominant has all kinds of dark delights in store for his pirouetting princess...


Swan Fête is a short story, and a continuation of the Swan Series. The next full-length novel in the Swan Series, Wild Swan, debuts December 2021.

Swan Fete

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Swan Series

Watch this space for cover reveals and release dates for the next installments in this erotically charged pas de deux...

Coming December 2021

Est. Summer 2022

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Est. December 2022

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Los Angeles

Working Man

Violet Luna is a new brand of “It Girl.”




Executive Director of a viral sensation dating app.


To the outside world, her life is an unattainable fantasy of glitz and glamor. Well... the “fantasy” part is true.


Reeling from a nasty break-up with an up-and-coming movie star, Violet is painfully aware that it will tarnish her company’s reputation if she shows up to their annual retreat alone. What’s a girl to do but hire the most devastatingly sexy elite male escort she can find?


Gabriel de Graaf was meant to be nothing more than a dirty little secret as Violet dared to walk on the wild side. But when he awakens a passion within her, Violet soon realizes that one night with this handsome Dutchman won't be close to enough...

Working Man
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